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Impact Wrestling Results – November 4th, 2021
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IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Madison Rayne (with Kaleb with a K) vs. Mickie James (c)

The two women lock up  and Rayne leverages Mickie’s arm but Mickie turns it around. Locked in a stretch, Mickie makes it to the ropes. Mickie later punts Madison and coves for  atwo. Kaleb tries to tug Madison free and that opens up a moment for her to capitalize. Madison gets flap-jacked. Kaleb pushes her off the top rope. Madison is in control now. It takes awhile, but Mickie builds momentum and hits a neckbreaker. Madison hits a rip chord cutter for a two count.

Mickie falls to the outside and Kaleb goes to slap her, but hits the ring post. She flings him into the steps. Mickie leaps off top for a Thesz Press and it’s good enough for the win.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

Post-match, Mercedes Martinez comes out. She grabs a mic. She thanks the fans and congrats Mickie. Every time people put Mickie down, she steps up to the plat. She’s not here to put her over, she’s here to challenge Mickie. She won the Knockouts Knockdown tournament and Mercedes will see her at Turning Point

Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory Results – October 23rd, 2...
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IMPACT Knockouts Championship
Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo (c)

The belt is raised and Mickie dropkicks Deonna. Fight spills to the outside. They fight on the entryway and off to the side of the ramp. Deonna drags Mickie by the hair back to ringside. The fight gets in the ring finally and the bell rings. Match is underway. Deonna attacks. Mickie tackles her but Deonna fights back. She gets a two count on her. Throat chop to Mickie. She stomps a harsh mudhole in Hardcore Country.Mickie spills to the outside.

The two women slug it out. Deonna catches Mickie with a modified powerbomb. Mickie has hard right hands for Deonna and the two women hit a double cross body.

Back to their feet punches are traded until Mickie gets the upperhand for a near fall. She hits a flapjack on Deonna. She climbs up top and does a Thesz press from up top: 1-2-no.

Mickie goes for her DDT but Deonna hits a jumping pump kick for a two. Mickie nails her DDT eventually but Deonna kicks out. Deona soon gets her armbar locked in but Mickie has her feet under the ropes. Fight goes to the apron and Deonna grabs her for the Queen’s Gambit. 1-2-no!

Frustrated, Deonna has a chair. The ref grabs hold of it and takes it away. Deonna props Mickie up top. Deonna gets pushed off and Mickie leaps off to accidentally take the ref out. Deonna grabs hold of the chair but Mickie kicks the steel into her and covers, but it’s only good for two. Mickie goes up top again as Deonna gets to her feet. Palm strike by Deonna. She armbars Mickie but has to break it due to being in the ropes. Deonna goes for Mickie’s DDT, but Mickie frees herself for a tornado DDT and covers: 1-2-3!

WINNER and NEW IMPACT Knockouts Champion: Mickie James

Impact Wrestling Results – September 23rd, 2021
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Mickie James comes out and says what a huge honor it was to be at Slammiversary. A lot has changed since NWA 73 and Deonna Purrazzo’s actions were disrespectful. She wants to address the elephant in the room. She wants The Virtuosa to come out here. Deonna is insulted. How dare she come out here and insult her. Mickie says she’s a fighter. She’s no longer an executive producer: this is Hardcore Country she’s talking to. She can’t think of a better way to get back in the ring that wrestling Deonna at Bound For Glory for the Knockouts Title. Deonna says Mickie wants to be relevant in wrestling again. Deonna says she’s untouchable, but this match does nothing for her. Deonna has never idolized Mickie. This match is not going to happen. She doesn’t need it to happen. To be honest, there’s a hierarchy in women’s wrestling. Until she’s earned a Knockout’s Women Chmpionship match, the answer is hell no. Mickie slaps Deonna and the women brawl it out. Security comes out and separates them. D’Amore comes out and says to Mickie wrestlers don’t make matches, but Deonna, they don’t turn them down either. Scott says he’d have to be an idiot to turn down a match like that at Bound For Glory. He makes it official for October 23.

Impact Wrestling Results – September 16th, 2021
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Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Trey Miguel

There’s an extended collar and elbow tie up, but Matt hits Trey with a knee strike. He stays in control as he punches Trey in the corner. Massive lariat to the outside by Rehwoldt. He snake eyes Trey on the apron before putting him back on the canvas.  Trey goes for a springboard armdrag, but Matthew shoves him and hangs his arm over the ropes. The arm becomes a major focus of Matthew. “Spider-Trey” chants as Rehwoldt corners Trey with a back splash. He knees Trey in the spine before nailing some elbows on the top of Trey’s skull. Two count.

Trey gets Matt tripped up and follows it with a springboard shotgun dropkick. He flips Matthew over for a crisp pin attempt, but a kick out occurs. rey goes for  corner crossbody, but Rehwoldt Fireman carries him into a modified powerbomb for a near fall. Trey catches Matt up top and the two duke it out. Rehwoldt misses a swanton and Trey soon turns it into his leg hook submission. Matthew taps.

WINNER: Trey Miguel

Post-match, Deonna comes out and low blows Trey. This brings out Mickie James and a pull-apart brawl goes down. She does a top-rope dive to the outside on Rewoldt, Deonna and security.

Impact Wrestling Results – September 9th, 2021
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Gia Miller is backstage with Mickie James. She asks about Deonna Purrazzo attacking her. She should have seen it coming. Deonna isn’t going to make a name for herself on account of her. Well she’s no longer a producer. She takes her career very very personal. Perhaps she’s forgotten what Hardcore Country is. Deonna is gonna learn.

NWA 73 Results – August 29th, 2021
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Mickie James vs. Kylie Rae

James and Rae feel each other out with technical holds. James gains the upper hand, but the two women continue to go back and forth. Rae dodges a Mick Kick and gets a two count with a pin attempt. She locks in the STF, but James escapes it by turning it into a roll-up. She floors Rae with a flapjack, but Rae blasts her with a superkick for a two count. James dodges a cannonball and plants Rae with a DDT for the win.

Winner: Mickie James

A masked woman attacks James after the match and drops her with a pump kick. The assailant unmasks to reveal herself as IMPACT Knockouts Champion Deonna Purrazzo. She plants James with a package piledriver before she leaves.

Impact Wrestling Results – August 26th, 2021
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Out comes Mickie James to hype up NWA EmPowerrr. She says she, Gail Kim, Madusa and Jazz are going to put on one of the greatest women shows ever. She airs a video package promoting Deonna Purrazzo vs. Melina and afterwards Deonna makes her way to the ring with Matthew Rehwoldt. Purrazzo states that she’s excited to be a part of history, but she does take exception to one thing: her easily defeating Melina at EmPowerrr. It so happens Mickie left Deonna defeating Melina at Emergence out of the video. Mickie makes it clear that it was Matthew who defeated Melina, not Deonna. Melina is a hellcat and she’ll have no problem taking that title from Deonna. Denna threatens to kick Mickie’s ass and starts attacking her, but Trey Miguel runs into attack The Drama King. Mickie and Deonna start brawling and out comes Melina to nail her finish cleanly. “Melina” chants go down.

Impact Wrestling Results – August 5th, 2021
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The lights go out and when they come back on “The Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt. Tonight he shares his spotlight as The Homecoming King wtih his queen, The Virtuosa, Deonna Purrazzo. Out comes the champ.

“No one likes you” chants begin to echo the IMPACT Zone. Deonna waits for the jeers to settle (as it is her coronation after all). She’s been racking up accolade after accolade since she came to IMPACT. She goes over those accolades.  “No one cares” chants. Everybody knew that she was the uncrowned queen of the Knockouts Division, but Homecoming made that official. Mickie James comes out. Deonna once again is not pleased.  Mickie knew she’d feel that way, but her Empowerrr match has not been made official. She has a contract for her to sign. Deonna says before she even signs this, she needs to to see who her opponent is. Out comes NWA’s Melina. Deonna immediately signs it. So does Melina. Deonna formally introduces herself and says it’s an honor, but at Empowerrr it will be an honor to defeat her. Melina says it was impressive that she one the Knockouts Title on her first attempt. That’s impressive. Melina plans to do the same.

Impact Wrestling Results – July 22nd, 2021
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Out comes Mickie James into the IMPACT Zone. “Welcome back” chants. She says it’s good to be back and it’s good to hear that song one more time. It also felt good to kick the Knockouts Champion in the mouth. The PPV didn’t go the way she planned however and so she came out today to finish up that business. She calls out Deonna Purrazzo once more. She answers and Mickie respectfully agrees to disagree regarding the handling of her showing up at Slammiversary on Saturday. Mickie knows the talent Deonna has and considers her one of the best today. She’d still love to have her on NWA Powerrr. Deonna says Mickie just wants something out of her. Everyone wants Purrazzo on their show, butshe needs something from her. Grovel at her feet and apologize. Deonna then says maybe she needs to do to Mickie what she did to The Virtuosa last week. Out comes Gail Kim. She says that she was the one who told Mickie to come out at NWA Empowerrr. It seemed like a great moment and opportunity. Gail says throughout this whole conversation, she hasn’t heard a “no.” Mickie still tries to be respectful. She asks her one more time to please come to NWA Empowerrr. She extends a hand and Deonna shakes it.

Impact Slammiversary 2021 Results – July 17th, 2021
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IMPACT Knockouts Championship

Deonna Purrazzo (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Thunder Rosa comes out to a major reaction.. The bout starts off with some high quaality mat work and it’s Deonna who gets the first pin attempt. The two talk trash to one another and Rosa rolls her up for a near fall. A thrust kick on the ropes gets her a near fall. Purrazzo nails an Orton DDT on the ropes and then locks in a half Octopus hold on Rosa. She breaks it up by charging backwards into the corner. Rosa fires back with a shotgun dropkick from up top. Rosa fires her self up to her feet and nails several lariats.  Leaping lariat in the corner. She hits a big time corner dropkick. Solid underhook suplex on Deonna for a two count. Deonna soon hits her Italian leg sweep and locks in her Fujiwa armbar. Rosa battles back and locks in the guillotine choke.  She gets reversed back into the Fujiwa, but Rosa rolls free. Wrist suplex by Deonna for two. Another Fujiwa attampe but Rosa lifts her up for a DVD. Cover, but only a two count for Thunder.

Not long after, Rosa hits a Coup de grace from the top to the back of Purrazzo. Two count. The two women fight one another to their feet. Jumping pump kick by Deonna and Rosa fires backs with a buzzsaw kick. Rosa goes for her Thunder Driver, but Deonna rolls her up for a near fall. Deonna hits her Queen’s Gambit for the finish.

WINNER and STILL IMPACT Knockouts’s Champion: Deonna Purrazzo

Post-match, out comes Mickie James to a big reaction. Deonna takes exception for her trying to steal her moment. Mickie says that she has mad respect for you. SHe personally wants to invite Deonna to come to Empowerrr. Everyone wants to invite Deonna on their show. Deonna tells her to grab her trash bag and get the hell out of here. Mickie makes her pay for such comments and takes her out which sends Purrazzo bailing.