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WWE Monday Night Raw Results – December 17th, 2018
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Women’s Gauntlet Match:
Alica Fox and Bayley start the match. Bayley lands a Saito suplex. After the break, Fox is beating down Bayley in the corner. Bayley tweaks her knee trying to do a leapfrog. Fox boots Bayley in the face. Fox goes for a cover but Bayley reverses it and gets the three count.
Alicia Fox has been eliminated.
Dana Brooke is next. Brooke attacks Bayley. Bayley can’t stand. Brooke lands her handspring corner splash. Bayley kicks out. Bayley surprises Brooke with the Bayley-to-Belly for the pinfall.
Dana Brooke has been eliminated.
Mickie James is up next. James lands a neck breaker for a near fall. James lands her senton off the top. Bayley turns it into a pin. James kicks out. James kicks Bayley in the face. Bayley kicks out. Bayley can barely stand. Bayley lands her top rope elbow. James gets her foot on the rope. Second rope stunner by Bayley. James hits her Mick DDT for the pinfall.
Bayley has been eliminated.
Ember Moon hits the ring but James dropkicks her before she can get in the ring. Moon front flips out of an arm drag. Jame boots Moon in the gut. Moon lands a springboard splash. Moon misses a baseball slide. James tries to powerbomb Moon off the apron. Moon hangs onto the ropes. James trips Moon so she lands face first on the ring apron. James dives off the top but Moon hits a high knee. Moon lands the Eclypse for the pin.
Mickie James has been eliminated.
Natalya runs down to the ring. Moon and Natalya trade pin attempts. Moon kicks Natalya in the head. Tornado suplex by Moon. Moon runs right into a discus clothesline by Natalya. Moon kick out. Natalya gets the pin after an Oklahoma roll.
Ember Moon has been eliminated.
Ruby Riott and the Riott Squad walk out on the ramp. During the break Riott takes control. Riott has Natalya in a guillotine. Natalya power slams her way out of it. Riott knees Natalya in the face. Natalya fires up and lands two snap suplexes. Natalya tries another discus clothesline but Riott counters with the STO. Riott misses her reverse senton. Natalya rolls up Riott for the pin.
Ruby Riott has been eliminated.
Sasha Banks hits the ring and lands a dropkick. Corner knees by Banks. Rolling DDT by Banks. Natalya kicks out. After the break, both Banks and Natalya are both down. Natalya lands a basement dropkick for a near fall. Natalya destroys Banks with a clothesline. Banks kicks out again. Natalya puts Banks in the Sharpshooter. Banks does a front roll that sends Natalya flying into the middle turnbuckle. Natalya walks over to Banks. Banks rolls Natalya into a single leg crab, Lance Storm style. Banks rolls Natalya into the Banks Statement. Natalya rolls through and obliterates Banks with a German suplex. Banks hits Meteroa off the top. Natalya kicks out yet again. Natalya counters the backstabber by Banks. Banks tries the rolling DDT again but Natalya turns it into the alley-oop. Banks taps out.
Winner- Natalya
After the match, Natalya checks on Banks. Rousey walks down to the ring. Rousey raises Natalya’s hand. Rousey shakes Natalya’s hand. Natalya and Rousey hug.