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WWE Survivor Series 2018 Results – November 18th, 2018
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Women’s Survivor Series Match: Sasha Banks, Bayley, Mickie James, Nia Jax, And Tamina w/Alexa Bliss vs Naomi, Asuka, Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, And Carmella

Tamina and Naomi circle each other. Naomi rolls up Tamina. Tamina kicks out. Dropkick by Naomi. Tamina takes a swing at the SD Live team. A huge brawl breaks out. Back in the ring. Naomi hits the Disaster kick on Jax. Tamina superkicks Naomi for the pin.

Naomi has been eliminated.

Carmella rolls up Tamina for the pinfall.

Tamina has been eliminated.

Carmella dances in the ring. Jax chokeslams Carmella. Carmella tags in Mandy Rose. Jax runs over Rose. Rose kicks out. Rose catches Jax with a sick knee to the face. James tags in and hits a neck breaker on Rose. Rose puts James in an abdominal stretch. James reverses it into an Indian death lock. Rose gets to the ropes. Rose tags in Asuka. Hip attack by Asuka. Asuka puts James in an octopus hold. James reverses it into a pin. Asuka kicks out. Deville tags in and spears James into the corner. James head scissors Deville out of the corner. Bayley tags herself in. Bayley elbow drops Deville for a near fall. Banks and Bayley work over Deville. James tags herself in and hits a senton off the top. Deville kicks out. Deville destroys James with a running knee to the face. As Deville tries to pin James, Rose pushes Deville out of the way to get the pin for herself.

Mickie James has been eliminated.

Deville and Rose argue. Carmella eats a Bayley-to-Belly. She’s done.

Carmella has been eliminated.

Rose hits the ring and attacks Bayley. Rose stomps Bayley in the corner. Banks tags in and puts Rose in the Banks Statement. Rose taps out.

Mandy Rose has been eliminated.

Asuka hip attacks Banks in the corner. Deville and Asuka take turns beating down Banks. Banks manages to tag in Bayley. Running knee by Bayley… there have been a ton of running knees so far this weekend… Anyway, Deville kicks out. Deville spine busters Bayley. Jax breaks up the pin. The crowd boos Jax mercilessly. Asuka kicks Jax in the head. Banks catches Asuka with Meteora to the outside. Back suplex by Bayley. Deville kicks out. Bayley and Deville fall out of the ring. Bayley hits the Bayley-to-Belly on Deville out on the floor. Bayley and Deville have both been counted out.

Bayley and Deville have been eliminated.


Banks pushes Asuka. Asuka dropkicks Banks. Asuka hits a popup knee on Banks. Asuka obliterates Banks with a German suplex. Asuka hip attacks Jax off the apron. Banks gets kicks off the apron by Asuka. Asuka tries to kick Banks but Banks catches Asuka’s foot. Banks drops Asuka face-first on the ring apron. Asuka hip attacks Banks again. Asuka goes up top and lands a missile dropkick. Banks narrowly escapes the Asuka lock. Banks hits the running double knees on Asuka. Banks goes up top. Jax pushes Banks off the top rope. Asuka puts Banks in the Asuka Lock. Banks taps out. Jax leg drops Asuka four times. Jax hits a Samoan drop for the win.

Winners- Team Raw

Sole Survivor- Nia Jax